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Topps 100% Beef Burgers

#1 On A Bun
Topps Burgers always deliver what you want, right to your table: quality, value –
and above all, great taste. You deserve the best, and that’s what you get with our
burgers every time. No meat by-products, no extenders – nothing artificial.
Just mouth-watering taste with every bite.

So cook them up – on the grill or in the pan – and pile on your favorite toppings.
Then say hello to a great burger, and goodbye to your hunger.

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100% Beef BurgersTopps Burgers, a leading manufacturer of frozen meat products, recently brought back its ¼ pound size 100% Beef Burgers. Topps frozen burgers are available in 32 oz. (.91 kg) packages containing eight ¼ pound burgers.
Hot Off The Grill

The Taste You love

Visit your local grocer’s freezer today to find our ¼ pound
100% Beef Burgers, and the fast-growing line of Topps quality meat products – prepared and quick frozen to seal in both flavor and freshness.
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